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DEFIANT is an Australian Mechwarrior Online Mercenary Unit

is a game community based on the principles of friendship, loyalty, trust, and excellence.  We are formed of mature players who wish to play competitively but at a pace that can be sustained while meeting Real Life commitments.  We are understanding of the needs of career, family and relationships of our members and pride ourselves on being a tight knit and supportive gaming community.

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You knew it was coming...

by Kazairl, 202 days ago

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He bought a Jester?

by Kazairl, 349 days ago

Yep.  He bought a Jester...

New Patch today.


  • Seismic sensor does not work while moving, and is triggered by weapons fire.
  • UAV's now get spotting bonuses.
  • New Hero Catapult the Jester.  Features 2 Jump Jets and a massive engine bay.
  • The new BJ-1(C) replaces the CN9-A(C).  All other trial mechs remain the same.

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New Trial Mechs on Wednesday

by Kazairl, 353 days ago

 The monthly Trial by Fire sale is on Saturday through till Tuesday. 

That means this is your last chance to try the current trail mechs.  We can expect to see some new Trail Mechs posted on Wednesday patch.  Here's hoping for a Cataphract and a Champion Hunckback.

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